Listing – the primary element of selling online

The major difference between a physical store and an online store is the way items are displayed. A physical store can just display the items in accordance with the variation. For example, the different sizes of the same colour of T-shirts can be displayed in 1 row starting from Small to XXL. The customer can touch, feel the fabric and even try the T-shirt to see if it fits properly and then only buy it. Whereas in Online selling, listing the product correctly is the only way of displaying the items. Whatever the seller displays on the page will be the parameters based on which the customer will decide whether to buy the product or not.

It should have all the details that the customer would try to find while shopping from a physical store- like size, colour, material, style, price etc. The list is even longer for electronic items and consumer durables.


KEYWORDS – Setting the right keywords for an item while listing is very important to reach out to the customers. This becomes all the more important while selling in online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc. As there are many other sellers selling a similar product. Selling an item with the right keywords makes it easier for the customer to search the product and it really helps a lot in product visibility. The items sold online are divided into different categories and subcategories so that all similar items fall into the same category and when a product is searched in an online store it shows all similar items with the same keyword for that particular category

For example- if the item to be sold is Laptop bag. “Clothing and accessories” is the broad category for Bag. Within the variety of bags comes Laptop bags, so the keyword can be “laptop-bags”.


TARGET AUDIENCE – Target audience is another very important part of listing. For example, the target audience for the laptop bag can be set as Unisex, which means if a customer searches for “men’s laptop bag” or “women’s laptop bag” in both the searches the item is visible

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