Innovation in technology has paved the way for traditional business to foray into E-commerce. We have been seeing a significant rise in the E-commerce platforms since the last decade. People get to purchase their choice of products and find alternatives at the same place. Also, it is making way for a lot of sellers to sell and promote E-commerce products.

 Seller and buyer are always complementary to each other. So, it’s imperative that the seller should have the know-how to make their product stand out from others. Now, a buyer won’t really need all the products available on the e-market. He/she will look for a product as per personal requirement. So, the seller should use this knowledge of the requirement to their advantage. Then the seller should effectively promote his products over various digital media platforms.

So, let’s check out some modern day method to promote E-commerce products over the internet.

  • Promotion Through YouTube Ads

    This method is one of the most followed by a plethora of sellers and e-commerce fronts. The most popular is the in-video Ad which streams when a person watches his video. A user has to watch it for an initial 5 seconds. After which they can skip the ad and continue with their video or continue watching the ad. However, this comes with a downside. If the viewer is watching a video which has no relation to the product being promoted via an ad, there are high chances that he may skip the Ad. There are other types of advertisements such as in-slate video ad, where the ad will run just prior to watching a video. It’s the digital marketing team of the seller, which should plan how they should place the ad. Sellers have to pay the YouTube channel which allows the seller to run an ad on their videos.
    Try to keep the video ads to-the-point and short. So, even if it runs for say 5 to 10 seconds on an average, the info of the product can reach the target audience. A few people will actually sit through ten minutes of Advertisement unless it has some attractive storyline.
  • Promoting A product on Social media with Special Discount Coupons

    In this process, the seller has to target users on social media. Basically, it should run a campaign where they will provide discount coupons for the purchase of a certain product(the product being promoted). However, the condition remains that social media users must share the product on their personal profiles. Then either a lucky user gets the coupon or everyone gets to enjoy some fixed discount over the product. In my personal opinion, the latter works better as every social media person who shares gets some perk. So, a number of people will share the product.
    The seller should make sure to include purchase links as well. So, that along with viral marketing, sales can also take place simultaneously. If there is an interested buyer, he/she can straightaway follow the purchase link.
  • Using Current Customers of the Product to Promote it

    Another effective way to ignite the interest of new/potential buyers is to use real/genuine review of customers who already use your product. This seller can extract from social media. It obviously falls into the category of social media influencing but in a non-paid manner. The common individual shares about the product and his own experience in genuine. He doesn’t get paid for that. The outreach can be limited bA great example of this can be people sharing their good experience with a tourism agency or any restaurant they visited. So, when a person who hasn’t used the product/service sees this review then he will go for it.Also, it has a downside which is negative product reviews. This can adversely affect the marketing of the product.  So, that’s why sellers should give utmost importance to provide products and services of the best quality. Again
  • Use Popular Social Media Celebs to do Paid promotion of A ProductThis is just the same as the previous point we discussed. However, while using a social media celeb, the promotion of the product is very much planned and often follows a scripted manner. Besides, the person promoting the product gets paid to do it. Also, it is important that the product being marketed must relate to the celebrity or his field of work. Otherwise, it will be hard for people to relate to the product.A good example of this is a bodybuilder or athlete who is immensely popular, talks about a protein powder which he uses and is effective for him. So, potential buyers into bodybuilding or athletics will go for the product. This method has a better outreach to the masses in a short time than user-generated reviews.

So, these were some of the productive and effective methods which the sellers can use to promote E-commerce products on various platforms.

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