Everyone wants to profit from the venture they are into. Let it be any business starting from a tea stall to that of a brand showroom everyone’s goal is making a profit. When we talk about profit the subsequent term that comes into our mind is sales. An efficient sales figure always goes hand-in-hand. Every firm has to brainstorm on how to get a good sales figure..? Getting a spike in the sales chart is a gradual process. Again when your business starts making a considerable amount of sales, then you have to make sure that you keep this consistency going on.

Again if your business is new in the market, it’s more crucial to leave a first and lasting impression with an effective and consistent sales figure. So, in this post, we will discuss 5 important Tips to Boost Online Sales.

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5 important Tips to Boost Online Sales

In no particular order, let’s explore some important tricks that will help you to spike your online sales.

Mention Proper Contact Information

In today’s world, the contact info is not only limited to an email ID. The best bet is to have and provide links to your social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram. As much as it is important to bring potential customers, it also plays an important role to serve the queries of existing customers.

A majority of customers from many domains take to social media to register their queries and complains. Sometimes, the social media team of the business also provides them with a quick fix or redirects them to the appropriate support team.

If there is no proper contact info, you may face the difficulty of losing potential new customers. Also, you will end up facing the wrath of old customers and you may lose them as well.

Maintain Similarity Between the Landing Page and Your Advertisement

Make sure that the layout of your advertisement has the same presence as your website’s landing page. This is called scent match. Basically, the idea is to keep the color schemes and tagline layouts similar. So, the person who clicks on the ad ends up getting directed to the very product/scheme which prompted him to click the ad in the first place.

Otherwise, there will be a negative branding which may hamper your reputation in the market and among the customers.


Your product may not be groundbreaking but if it serves the right purpose for a person or group of persons then they will have positive things to say about your products. So, make sure you have the testimonial of real and verified buyers with images have a presence on your site. this will have a positive effect on the potential buyers.

Creating A Sense of Urgency

A basic example of this strategy is the sales promotion offer. So, you have to mention a deadline after which the sales or the discounted rate will not be available. So, this will create a sense of urgency among the buyers. Because in an online sales platform there are a vast majority of people who don’t really buy any product but regularly keep checking the products. So, in case there are sales going on and the price of their desired product has been slashed then they will buy the product.

You can also make use of a time counter that will display how many hours, minutes and seconds of the sales promotion is left. Make sure to display it in a bigger layout without a distinctive color scheme.

Another thing that you should provide is a product status of the materials which are under the promotion sales. So, when potential buyers will see less number of discounted products left, they will hurry up to buy their desired product. Almost every major e-commerce websites make use of this trick.

Also, mention in the status number of products sold. If there is a bigger figure it will definitely psychologically affect the buyer. He will feel that a lot of people are buying it up, so he should hurry lest the product is over.

Implement the Scheme of Money Back Guarantee

This is another common implementation which major E-commerce sites carry out. This is an important part of customer satisfaction. So, money-back guarantee as the name suggests assures the buyers that a particular amount or the full amount will be refunded back in case the user is not satisfied with the product. This will create loyal customers. Also, people will have trust in your business and products. You have to make sure that you make the policies which you can actually implement in the goodwill of the customers.

So, that was a brief insight over 5 important tips to boost online sales. Stay tuned with Responsentry to get all the informative tips and tricks to grow your E-commerce business.

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