Reviews, ratings or feedbacks whatever you call it, it has an important role to play in today’s digital era. Now the internet is present with everyone at every place providing with the information they want at any moment. Almost everyone goes through the reviews before making any purchase decisions. Specifically, in e-commerce sites, positive reviews influence online shopper’s purchase actions. Positive reviews are absolute for your e-commerce site.

Now the question arises, how do you get positive reviews from customers..? Influencing your customers to review your product or service is an entirely different job. You need to give a push to your customers. Most of the time your customers just forget or don’t feel like reviewing the product they bought.

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Here are a few tricks to get some positive reviews from your customers.

1.Approach directly to your customers:

Approaching your customers directly is the easiest way to get reviews online. Ask your customers whether your product fulfilled their needs or not. If they have any problem you can communicate at the moment and try to resolve it. It will create a good impression of your company and can lead to positive reviews. If they don’t have any problems, bingo, you can ask them for reviews. The way you ask for reviews also matters. You should be frank, clear, polite and appreciative towards your customers.

2. Make reviewing easy for your customers:

Sometimes customers face problems reviewing your products because of its complexity. Do not make it too hard for your customers to understand the reviewing process. Do the utmost to make the reviewing process as easy as possible. So, even a non-tech savvy person can review your product. The complex structure makes your customers ignore to review even if they want to.

3.  Make reviewing profitable and fun:

Reviewing your product makes your customers feel bored. Sometimes this becomes the reason for your customer to take the step back. Try to make it fun and create excitement for them by providing coupons, discounts, contest or gift vouchers. “The best 5 reviews will get discounts on their next purchase” will bring interest into your customer’s mind. They’ll definitely give a positive review. Try it once.

4. Make your customer famous:

Everyone likes to get featured, especially if your e-commerce site is a popular one. You can post best customer reviews with a “THANK YOU” note with their name and picture on your homepage or in social networks. It will encourage more of your customers to give the best reviews to get the spotlight.

5. Review via e-mails:

It’s a time-consuming process for your customers to give reviews via email. You need to be very clear and definitive regarding the questions which can help your site. Be friendly, kind and give them time to learn about the product and its experience. Don’t spam them to get reviews. It will irritate your customers and will force them to ignore your emails.

Positive reviews depend on the quality of the products you provide. It won’t come to you until your product isn’t good enough. So, the core is to make your customers happy and to fulfill their desire. If you’re assured about your product quality, just apply the above-mentioned tricks.

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