Do you want to increase sales from your product pages? Of all the pages to optimize your product pages should be the first one. It sets the stage for that pivotal moment when a shopper decides to become a customer or leaves your site for good. So what’s the definition of a good product page user experience? The answer is the one that gives the visitor enough information and assurances that will motivate him/her to make a purchase. So let us discuss 5 effective tips to make an informative product page:

5 Effective Tips To Make An Informative Product Page:

Clear The Clutter

Businesses tend to clutter product pages with dense text and frivolous functionality. This is due to the lack of knowledge about what elements of a product page drives sales. Though it is important to have recommendations and reviews that shouldn’t disturb the call to action which helps in sales. The product page should be free from any kind of distraction as it drives away the attention of the visitor.

The primary purpose of the call to action should not be muddled due to the secondary elements of the page. Make sure only the essential browsing elements (such as search bar, navigation, and product color variations) are visible. You should also pay attention to the color theme; it should be simple and optimal for easy browsing.

Awesome Product Images

For any e-commerce product page, detailed images are a must particularly for physical goods like gadgets, apparel, and home goods. This is because they are critical for building confidence and giving the user a strong grasp of what it is they’re actually buying. These images should be of high resolution and quick to load. It should also have options to zoom in so that anyone can have a closer look at the detail.

Product Videos

Video is an important part of every e-commerce brand’s marketing strategy and for a good reason. It helps you with improving your SEO positioning that will, in turn, increase sales. Product videos accurately and comprehensively show the details of the product. The product videos will always say about how you provide top-notch customer experiences. The video draws customers in and owns a larger piece of their time and attention.

Product Details

Aside from the product description include other details such as specs, dimensions, materials, etc. can you use to describe the product. Also, your product descriptions should focus on their Unique Value Proposition, i.e. their main benefit. Make sure you’ve got the basics in place. Use bullets to help visitors read and digest them quickly.

Clearly, buyers expect to gain something from your product. Now it is up to you to convince them that they will. For example, writing the product details like the one done in the picture below will help the visitor get better clarity.

5 Effective Tips To Make A Killer Product Page

Provide Options

5 Effective Tips To Make A Killer Product Page

If your product comes in different sizes, colors, or styles make sure it is easy for shoppers to choose between your options. Providing related items in an easy-to-locate manner will let more visitors complete their purchase without having to exit the funnel completely. Otherwise, you may land unqualified visitors on your product pages without giving them the opportunity to discover other products that would fit their needs.

Apart from all these another effective tip could be making your website platform independent. This will help the viewers to surf the website uniformly regardless of the device they are using.

These were the 5 effective tips to make an informative product page. I hope it will help you build a better product page.

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