E-commerce sectors have unlocked new opportunities and scope for retailers. Retailers also have never seen such a growth in their sales. Artificial Intelligence (AI)helps e-commerce websites to recommend products uniquely best suited to its shoppers. Also, it helps buyers search for products with the help of conversational language or images. This makes buyers feel as though they are interacting with a person. Here are 5 powerful ways to use Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce:

5 Efficient Uses Of Artificial Intelligence In E-Commerce

Now, let us discuss how artificial intelligence in e-commerce will help retailers to attract customers and boost sales.

Chat Bots

Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

E-commerce websites use chatbots to improve customer support services. Chatbots provide 24/7 customer support to the buyers. When you visit any recognized E-commerce website, you will be prompted with a chat box. The chat box will ask questions like what do you want or how can I help. You will find highly filtered results after you fill the requirements.

Chatbots are built with the use of artificial intelligence and they communicate with humans like. Also, it can collect your past data and provide you with personalized user experience.

Image Search

There are times when you liked something but don’t know what its name is. Artificial intelligence service eases this task for you. E-commerce websites with the help of AI have introduced the concept of image search. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to understand the images. Buyers can make a search on the basis of images. Mobile apps of E-commerce websites can find the product by just pointing the camera towards the product. This eliminates the need for keyword searches. Google lens


With the help of Artificial intelligence, e-commerce websites have improved the cybersecurity of their sites. It can help prevent or detect any fraudulent activities. Since e-Commerce deals with a lot of transactions daily cybercriminals and hackers can hack the user account. This leads to the exposure of private data and online fraud.

Also, the reputation of the e-commerce business gets a big blow. To prevent this, Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are developed that can avoid the chances of fraud activities over the website.

After Sales Service

Selling the product is not enough. Businesses also have to aid the customer in the complete buying cycle. After sales service is an integral part of maintaining customer loyalty. The AI applications can automate the feedback form, replacements and handling any other ambiguity in the product. By solving the buyer’s issues, the brand value of the website gets improved.

Tackling Fake Reviews

Customer reviews have become the cornerstone of trust in the online shopping world. What if these reviews are fake? AI can be used to manage this problem. Some e-commerce retailers are using artificial intelligence to fight astroturfing by putting more emphasis on verified and helpful reviews.

These were a few uses of artificial intelligence in e-commerce websites. We hope you found it useful.

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