Holidays in e-commerce are not for resting but another chance for standing out in the competition. People are most likely to make purchases during this period. The holidays offer plenty of opportunities to attract new customers and increase conversion rates. It can help to convert your window shoppers into buyers and ultimately achieve your sales goal. So, attracting traffic and converting them to buyers should be the priority. Therefore you need a strong holiday marketing strategy for your sales to experience a spike on these occasions.

Planning and implementing an effective holiday marketing plan is difficult but it is worth your effort. It can help you to gain a huge profit even if you’re limited in resources and staff. Today we’ll share some tips to ensure you a well-strategized holiday marketing plan.

5 Tips for your Holiday Marketing Strategy

Below we’ll discuss five tips to help you out with your holiday marketing strategy this holiday season. Keep reading…

1. Email Marketing

email, holiday marketingEmail is one of the best modes to reach your customers. It is a personalized channel to reach your audience individually. Email marketing is an effective method to promote and engage efficiently in a wider space. You can send holiday-themed emails to promote your new arrivals, offers, limited discounts, etc.

It will excite the customers to go through the products and offers. Keep informing them with follow-up emails and offers and their limited time. It will create FOMO among your customers about your products.

2. Social Media Platforms

Social media, Holiday marketing

These social media platforms are part of everyone’s day to day life. It is one of the effective ways to make holiday promotions. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc are some of the platforms with a huge customer base. You need to be creative and interesting enough to pull your audience’s interest or else it will get scroll out. It can help you get many new potential customers. Try to engage your customers and provide them what they want. Your marketing should reflect the fun-festive mode in your promotions.

3. SEO strategy

SEO strategy

You need to carefully plan your SEO strategy to boost your sales this holiday season. Good content quality trades for a good SEO ranking. You can create holiday related posts and content, new landing pages, banners for your SEO strategy. Make use of holiday keywords, quality backlinks to improve your ranking this holiday. Your main focus should be on your content for promotion.

4. Promotions & Offers


Customers always look for discounts and offer while making any purchase decisions. People are more into bargain hunt and saving mode during this period. Try to be their Santa and gift them with discounts & sales. Offering incentives and discounts are the best ways to lure your customers to buy your products. You can offer free shipping or discounts only on purchase over some fixed amount. It motivates your customers to buy something extra to enjoy your offer.

5. Paid Advertisements

paid ads

Paid advertisements bring more traffic to your online store. Target the sites where your target audiences regularly visit. It can help you get your specific customer base who are most likely to purchase your products. Use a major search online advertising platforms and social media to drive more traffic. Make your advertisements creative and specifically mention the incentives you’re offering.

So, these were some tips to plan out your holiday marketing strategy. We hope you’ll implement these ideas in your marketing strategy this festive season.

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