Out of all our senses, eyes are the dominating and efficient one. If our eyes find anything beautiful or attractive only then we use our other senses like smell,  touch or taste. Even in physical stores customers first like to see the product thereafter feel it or smell it. Similarly, in online store customers get attracted to your product images. They can’t even use their other senses to judge your product. Therefore, it’s important to have strong product imagery on your store page. If they like what they see then only they will discover other features of your product to make a purchase.

Importance of strong product imagery

Good quality pictures are essential for your products to get sales. Only text or the mentioned feature cannot convince your buyer to make purchases. They won’t even believe that you have a good product. Many consumers even believe that good product images are important than its details. If a site has images but small and blurry and you can’t view it properly, Will you buy the product?  No, obviously not. First of all, you can’t be sure about the product’s looks and secondly, the site with such bad pictures isn’t even reliable. Strong product imagery maintains customer engagement, increase in conversion and retention.

5 Tips for strong product cameraimagery

Today we’ll discuss some essential tips for strong product imagery for your site. Let’s begin:

1. Size and Zooming feature

When it comes to product images, size does matter. We’re not being discriminative it’s just about the effectiveness. Small pictures do not have much effect on the customers. It’s important to have a proper size for your image with high resolution and great quality.

Your product should be at least 2000 pixels on the extended side. Image with this or higher resolution will be large enough to be placed on major online platforms like Amazon or eBay.

Product images with such resolutions can also be viewed in zoom. Zooming feature will allow the users to view the details of your product. The customers can zoom in the points they are interested in. You can also add zoomed shots of your product featuring the important details. Such shots are used for laptops, wrist watches, mobiles, etc.

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2. Margins and Alignment

alignment, strong imagery product

Keeping your product image in a single alignment and margin provides visual consistency. It makes your product image look clean and professional for your customers. It results in a better shopping experience for your customers. Such images show that your site works professionally and is reputable.

3. Background and Shadows

The background is an important factor to keep in mind. Your background color should not camouflage with the color of your product. It should be clear and plain so that your product will properly viewable. Your background should not distract the viewer from your product. Many sites use a plain white background for their product images.

Background shadows

Shadows add more effectiveness to the image of your product. You have to be cautious while using the lights for casting shadows. If your lighting is well it will add a realistic touch to your product. It shows depth and dimension in the images. There are different shadow types including drop shadows, natural, reflective and cast shadows. You can use these options with your image.

4. Different angles

Different angles, strong imagery product

Showing a single angle picture can make your pictures monotonous. Providing multiple angle shots will interest your customers. It will also help your customers to get more details of your products like designs, pockets, linings, etc. You can shoot from the top, front, back, diagonal, bottom angles and other details of the product.

5. Colors and filters

colors and filters

Color is an important feature of an image. The image color of your product should look the same as they look in real. Do not try to outshine your product image with filters. Your customers expect your products to appear the same as they do in real. Fooling them can make you lose your potential customers. Therefore, make sure your images show its real color.

These were some tips for implementing strong product imagery on your site. We hope you’ll use these tips in your product images.

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