Converting window shoppers into buyers can be a profitable deal for any store. We all have been a window shopper while visiting both online and offline stores. Many times we visit a mall without any intention of buying. We just window shop all around and rarely make any purchase. Sometimes we admire some products and decide to come later for purchasing.

Similarly, in online stores, many customers browse your site to check out your collection. If they like any product then they’ll make a purchase or wishlist it to buy later. So, window shoppers aren’t just a waste of time. Today we’ll share some strategies to convert window shoppers into buyers.

Conversion and generating ROI is the ultimate goal of every e-commerce website.  However, it can be challenging for an e-commerce store. Offline stores provide a physical approach to their customers that somehow can work as a convincing aspect. Online window shoppers buzz around websites because of their interest or intuition. You just have to work on some pressure points to convert them into your future leads.

5 Tips to Convert Window Shoppers window shopperinto Buyers

Today we’ll discuss some points to convert your window shopper into potential buyers. Let’s begin…

1. Give them a Push

Window shoppers needs a push

Window shoppers sometimes need a push to take some small actions. You can encourage your customers to go through your blogs, newsletters, or videos. All these actions will inform them about you, the USP and the quality of your products. After getting assured your customer might make a purchase. Even if he doesn’t, you can stay in touch with them for future engagement. They’ll consider you for their future needs or demands.

2. Lure them with offers

offers and deals

If you want your window shopper to buy your product you need to give something additional. You can offer 30 days return, replacement or refund options. If you’re assured about your product then there isn’t any risk in such offers. You can also sell multiple products at a discount price. Offering product binding is an effective way to convert window shoppers.

3. Your Website appearance

web design. converting window shoppers into buyers

Your website is the first thing your customer views. A well-organized & welcoming website can push a window shopper to take any step. It should attract your customers’ attention and generate a desire to buy your product. Only then a window shopper can convert into a lead. Try to make your site appealing, inviting and organized. Specifically, your product pages should have good quality images or videos, proper product descriptions. Do not complex your website designs with difficult features.

4. Give Suggestions

suggesting window shoppers

Customers like to compare many products before making any purchase decisions. It is the same in the case of window shoppers. They may consider your product for future purchase. Even if they’re just browsing suggest them with similar products related to their search.

Try to provide them with all the necessary information or products they are looking for. Offer them with different choices and also any information in case of any doubts.

5. Stay in Touch

keep contact

Your window shopper may not make any purchase at first attempt but can become your future customer. Therefore, it’s essential to take care of your window shopper. Let them enjoy their window shopping moment at your site. Help them in doing so with guiding, providing information, etc. It will make them remember you. Try to keep in contact and stay in touch with them. You can keep them reminding about your new arrivals, blogs or newsletters.

So, these were some points for converting your window shoppers into buyers. We’ hope this article was informative to you.

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