Content marketing is still one of the most effective tools for selling. With the increase in competition, everyone is using content marketing as a weapon for their defending. Content related to your product does attract a reader to buy it but the time he/she spends scanning your website for that product may lose his/her interest. Here you can face losing a lot of potential buyers. However, things can be different if your only content becomes shoppable content. What do you think?

Making sales is the ultimate goal of every e-commerce platform. Now around the third-fourth of the population is into online shopping. It increases the chances of e-commerce businesses to attract more customers. Shoppable content can help you do that.

What is ShoppablebagsContent?

Shoppable content allows customers to directly buy your products from the content, isn’t it amazing! Now the customers will not have to go through a bulk of products to buy one. It is not only about your customer’s convenience but also about your profit. Only with a few clicks, your buyers can now mend the gap between browsing and buying. It will ultimately increase your conversion rates.

Shoppable content is more preferable than traditional content. It isn’t only a plus point of this content. These content can increase the time spent on your page, productivity, unpaid traffic, retention rate, shares and obviously sales.

Types of Shoppable Content

We already discussed shoppable content and its benefits. Let’s view the types of these content to improvise your content strategy.

1. Shoppable Text



Your customer can now buy a product directly from a featured product. The user just has to click on the below-mentioned text like “shop the look” or “get the look”. Clear text along with the buying link would do the work. It will direct your customer to the product page to make the purchase.

2. Shoppable Images

Shoppable content, Image

Product images play a crucial role in e-commerce businesses. Adding shoppable tags to your product images will make it more valuable. The customer can tap on the tag added to the product images and buy the product.

Collaborations of businesses with influencers is a trend nowadays. It helps to increase their reach. You can also add such shoppable tags in their posts too. It will help directly guide the viewer to buy the product from the post images.

3. Shoppable Videos

Videos of the products are one of the rising marketing strategies. According to some research, videos actually attract 80% of the consumer to a website. The addition of shoppable tags to your product videos can improve the experience of buying.

Shoppable content, video

Your users can now buy the product from the videos from the shoppable tags. Try not to interrupt the video with the buying activity it will ruin the viewing experience of your user. Allow them to view the video and buy your product without any interruption.

4. Shoppable Editorials

Shoppable magazine

Many brands have their own online editorials and magazines related to their product. Digital magazines are an efficient way to influence a new customer base. Such editorial covers insider interviews, seasonal trends, style edits, and other content. The addition of shoppable tags in the magazines allows your customers to read as well as buying. Customers can keep enjoying the content while adding products to the shopping carts.

5. Shoppable Blogs


Blog posts help the user to know about the products in detail. It builds your customer confidence in your products and encourages them to buy. With shoppable blog posts, the viewer can click on the ‘Buy it now’ tab attached to the featured image of the post.

6. Shoppable Social Media Posts

 social media post

Social media is a platform with a huge crowd base. It is one of the best marketing tools for e-commerce businesses. Many businesses promote their websites and products on social media to get more sales. Shoppable posts on social media can help you achieve your goal. Allow your user to buy directly from the posts using shoppable tags.

So, these were some examples of shoppable content that can help you get more sales and traffic. Keep reading our articles for more such informative content.

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