A product description is one of the primary aspects that help your site to sell. E-Commerce study shows that one-fourth of the customers do not make any purchase because of insufficient or ambiguous information. It does not have that much effect on your sales.

So, is it necessary to focus on the description? I think yes, it should be. Your customers want to know about your product’s benefit. You need to say what your product does. What if your picture and title aren’t enough to describe your product? Sometimes, even a few words convince your shoppers to make a purchase. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a good product description for your product.

It’s not necessary that your product always needs a concise and simple description. Sometimes, a new or complex product requires a lengthy description. So, technical lengthy writing isn’t a matter of concern. If your product doesn’t need much of description then there is no need to be decorative or explanatory. Just simply point out what the product is and why should someone buy it. Whereas, if your product is new or complex for your customers to understand then you must be descriptive. In both cases, the descriptions should explain their use, extra values, necessary information.

6 Tips For Good Product Descriptiondescription

If your product description is clearing the questions of your shoppers then it is serving its existence. So below we will discuss some points to provide your customers with all the necessary details.

1. Know the Persona of your buyer

It is crucial to know the target customers who will buy your product. According to your customers, you can design your product description. Your product description should convince the group of audiences you have targeted to sell your product. You can group your audience according to locations, age, interests, gender, education, and income level, etc.

persona, good product description

If your product is a laptop then your the persona of your target audience must be ‘tech-savvy’ people. You can include all the technical specifications of your product in your description. There are chances that another group might buy your product. In that case, you can include a small description and add another tab for technical and extended details for your product.

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2. Underline the benefits

The description of your product should highlight the benefits of your features. How will your product help them? It will motivate your shoppers to convert into buyers. Mentioning the benefits in your description make it more effective. Your customer wants reasons to choose your product over the others. There is no need to mention all the features and characteristics. You can add the three highest ranking features of your product. Explain the benefits of these features to your customers.

benefits, good product description

For example, if you’re selling ‘shoes’ then you need to show how your shoe is different from others. Your shoes don’t stink, provides fit, comfort, and style at the same time. All these benefits must be there in your description.

3. The Tone of your brand

What’s the tone of your brand? Is it classy, straight, humorous or fancy? Good product description showcase its brand style. Your product description should include the details or words that show your brand tone. Such descriptions can include the feel of your product, quality, standard, etc.

brand's tone, good product description

For example, if you sell party attires for women then describe the feel, look, style, uniqueness of the dress of your brand. It will showcase your brands’ beauty and uniqueness in party trends.

4. Use bulleted format

bullet points

Many users do not like to read the bulk of descriptions. Your customers like to skim through your information. Information in bullet format helps them to skim and creates scanability. It also serves your information in a short and sweet manner.  It makes your page more viewable and people go through your texts. Even if your description is lengthy you can break them into bullet points. Amazon uses this to trick their customers to read the benefits and features.

5. Play with words


There are times when the images fail to convince the customer to buy your product. Here comes your description with influential words to persuade your shoppers. Sometimes words do such magic which your images can’t. You can make use of words like introducing, surprising, amazing, classy, sensational, one-of-a-kind, new, elegant, awesome, etc. Such words make over the features of your product.

6. Include more media

It is important to involve product images, videos along with your descriptions. All these aspects together have more effect on the customer. You must have heard ‘alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’. It will help you keep your description concise and to the point. You can also mention how your product works with images or videos.

A good product description intends to provide customers with the necessary details. Be it with the bullet points and images or video contents. Your product should what he or she is searching for. That’s what a good product description should do.

So, these were some points to make a good product description for your products. Stay tuned for more such informative articles.

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