We all agree that the online platform is developing in an unmeasurable pace.  People are nowadays more into e-commerce platforms because of its convenience and time-saving nature. However, it has other drawbacks in comparison to offline stores. Consumers don’t get to feel the product in-person unlike offline. Therefore, it’s necessary to develop an engaging product listing that can approach to the senses of your customer.

The presentation plays a vital role in an online platform. Product listings are both product presentation and sales guide for your customers. It not only shows your product looks but also guides customers to make a purchase. If your presentation isn’t appealing then your ever-ready customers will switch to another site. For that reason, it’s essential to have an effective product listing.  Here we’ll discuss some tips to improve your product listing.

7 Tips For Product Listing

When you’re on a digital platform presenting your products, it’s important to have effective product listing.

1. Product Page Design

Your product page should be simple and easy-to-understand for your customers. That doesn’t mean that your pages have to be lifeless. It should be easy for your customers to find what they want. White color backgrounds, dark-colored texts and there shouldn’t be any distractions. Most of the popular pages use these guides to design their product page, such as Amazon. It has a larger title font, images of the product with a zooming feature, attractive “Add to cart” button. A user can easily locate all the necessary information on this page.

Amazon product page, product listing



2. Product Name

Naming your product is an important part of the listing process. The name of your product should define your product and its features. Many websites keep the title clear, short and to-the-point. Some websites do not follow the short and sweet concept for its title. Whereas Amazon allows using 250 characters for the title. So, it’s different from website to website. No matter what option you select, your keywords should be in the front.

Getting the right name or keywords for your product can drive traffic to your website. Think from your customer perspective and set your keywords. What your customers will type to find a product? Correct usage of keywords helps in your page ranking.

3. Images & Videos of Product

Images and videos are the only modes of approaching your customer’s senses. Only text or information related to your products cannot influence your customers to buy. Good quality images give a visual treat to your customers. You can add multiple pictures of different angles. The background color shouldn’t camouflage with your product. Images should be large and of high resolution for a better view.

product images,

You can also add videos on your page in case you want to do something different. Don’t keep it too lengthy or descriptive. Make a video of some seconds with a model and some brief insights on the product.

product videos

4. Use Product Reviews

Product reviews give potential customers assurance on the product. People like buying preferable products. Reviews are words of mouth from many happy and unhappy customers. That doesn’t mean that only positive reviews will help you get purchase orders. Customers do not believe in the products only with positive reviews. Therefore, it’s important to include both the reviews. It maintains transparency between the customer and the seller.


5. Product Description:

Your good quality pictures cannot be traded for texts. The product description is a must in the product listing. The description should be informative. It should contain information about the size, weight, length, etc. Such practical details help the consumer to choose the right product. You should also include how the product is useful and its features. You can suggest different ways or occasion to use the product.

Research on the target audience looking for your product. It can help you put specifications in your information. You’ll know what exactly your customer is craving for and what to serve them.

6. Product Practical Information

What’s the first thing your check about a product you liked? The price tag isn’t it? That’s the human tendency and its irritating when you get surprised by some additional charges. People are too concerned regarding any financial decision, even if it’s a small purchase. Not presenting such practical details also results in cart abandonment. Therefore, it’s necessary that your product listing pages should include shipping and delivery details, price, tax, etc.

practical information

Even if you’re providing any offers related to shipping or prices, it should be visible to your customers. Such detailed information allows your customers to make an informed purchase decision.

7. Purchase Indicators

Once you’re done influencing your customer, it’s time to provide them an easy and short purchase process. If your check out process is lengthy and complicated then it increases the chances of cart abandonment. Customers are volatile and so are their mood to buy. So, keep it short and easy for them to quickly and easily make their purchase.

So, these were some aspects of a successful product listing in e-commerce. Keep reading our articles for more information.

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