We are living in a constantly evolving digital world with many alterations around. It isn’t easy to cope-up with this unimaginable pace of development. Every day comes up with new technologies and challenges to learn and improve. It becomes necessary to familiarize yourself with tools such as new social media platforms, analytics tools, etc to set a full-proof strategy for digital marketing. We now apply many digital marketing tricks to get more traffic or target audience. But are all your tricks worth your efforts? Are you getting ROI for your valuable time?

Sometimes we just feel like wasting time on repetitive tasks that don’t pay back. What’s the point of working for someone or something which isn’t fruitful? Don’t you think? It’s important to use our time and efforts on the fertile land. Therefore, it’s important to know the digital marketing aspects that aren’t required.

Let’s discuss some Digital Marketing aspects that need to be banished:

1. Using Various Social Media Platforms:

Every website wants to expand itself, increase its visibility, more traffic, etc. Whether it’s a person or a business everyone wants millions of followers and subscribers. For that, you need to have creative content, regular posts, engaging interactions and many more things to do. It isn’t easy to maintain various platforms at a time. There are many major social media platforms in the virtual world. Fixing your roots even in one of these platforms is backbreaking work. Every business has one efficient platform where the quality and size are larger than the others. So, it’s important to focus on the selected platforms to get the best results.

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2. Multiple Accounts On the Same Platform:

Many firms follow the footsteps of big businesses. Businesses like Apple has multiple accounts dedicating their different applications. Such firms have expanded the international reach and need multiple accounts. There are many small businesses with multiple accounts that don’t have such an enormous impact. Having multiple accounts in a single platform adds up to your work. If you have only three departments like sales, e-commercing and customer service. You work in five different social media platforms. Now you have to deal with 15 different accounts daily. Don’t you think it’s a waste of time? It’s better to merge the accounts and involve people from different departments.

The respective department will be responsible to make posts related to their topic. It will help you gain more strength and followers in your account.

3. Backlinking For SEO:

Every business firms want their site to be on the top of the search engine list. Many firms even used to pay for more traffic on their websites. Well, that used to work before. Now, the number of backlinks without any quality is not of any concern. Google has a preference for high-quality backlinks. Therefore, it’s important to have backlinks with high on domain authority score. So stop wasting your time on the numbers of backlink.

4. Clutter Of Contents:

Content marketing has become one of the efficient marketing tools for businesses. Therefore many marketers try to write and publish a bulk of posts on their websites. Creating more and more content can compromise the quality of your content. It’s necessary to have quality in your blog posts. Otherwise, there is no point of all your efforts. Google provides the user with the qualitative information he/she needs. You should be assured that your content is valuable for the reader. Therefore, give your time to develop qualitative content.

5. Responding To All Interactions:

Interactions are necessary when you are on your initial stage. At that time you have fewer comments, messages or feedbacks to respond. After your community starts expanding, there is no need to reply to every comment or tweet on your websites. Spend your time on replying those which are worth answering. There is no need to waste your time on trolls. It’s common with every web page. Just avoid such comments because that won’t yield any profit for you.

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