SEO keywords can be a particular word or can be a complex sentence that is generally used in a copy of the website to get the attention of organic search traffic. The trick involves including keywords that the audience will actually search for. If you do proper research it will give you an idea about what keywords are people looking for online. The research and analysis will lead you to positive results. Since you are specifically dealing with an e-commerce website, the keywords you select must have more buying intent than informational. Here are a few tricks about how to find right keywords for your e-commerce site:

  • The Conventional Way


The conventional way starts by looking for the keyword with a good keyword research tool. It will help you check search volume, the number of clicks and traffic potential for the topic that you are researching keywords for. This research will give you an overall idea about the kind of keyword you may need to use when you write your own content. Google Analytics is a great source of data and should form the starting point of any keyword research project.

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  • Analyze by the search intent


You can observe and then analyze the intention of the buyer and then find your target keyword. This is important as it is you should address the queries of people through the content. You can do this by typing a few keywords for the topic that you are searching on and see the top 10 or 12 appropriate results that come. When you understand the intention of the buyer then you can come up with a list of appropriate keywords.

  • Track your competitors

Do not copy but have a look at the pages of your competitor and get an idea. It is an important part to address when you choose keywords for your own e-commerce website. Checking their pages will give you an overall knowledge about the things which is needed to be looked after and things that are not.

  • Compare and act

Always try tracking the top ranked pages on and try to look through their on-page factors and also the links. You have to see whether they rank because of using a mixture of information and the buyer intent based keywords or are they using good quality links. Don’t try to be better than your competitors, instead, try to improve the quality of your website. Of course, you have to be better than your competitors.

  • Look after the content-gap analysis


A content gap analysis will help you see through all the contents of the website and let you find the gaps that exist currently. The analysis will help you find the loopholes in the content. This will further help you in finding the keywords which are absent in your content, the keywords for which your competitor ranks high. This will help you to plan a better content strategy and use more effective buyer intent based keywords.

  • The focus should be in quality building links

If you want to rank your website high, which you obviously want then always build good quality links. The quality links will help your website rank higher. The ranking will go high gradually so you cannot expect your new website to rank high all of a sudden. With proper technique and analysis, you will be able to see the difference. You can also contribute towards the ranking by performing keyword research on the blog section of your website. In the blog, section use the information keywords and you will surely get the desired traffic you need for the website. this will eventually help in the traffic on your website.

These are some of the points about how to how to find right keywords for your e-commerce site.



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