If you own an e-commerce store, you must be aware of the importance of “contact information”. Though it looks like a small deal it plays a vital role for your business. Contact information in e-commerce is not anymore restricted to phone numbers or e-mail IDs. Now you need to provide your customers with your website links, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.


Why It Is Necessary?

Proper contact information helps your customers to reach you at the time of their problem. It works as the company’s channel for customer communication. The customer uses these mediums to inquire about the product, for booking, placing orders and delivery details. Many customers even use your social media contacts regarding any complaints, queries or for feedbacks. Such mediums help you to deal with your customer problems more efficiently and accurately. Your customers will not have any problems if you’re easy to contact.

For example, There is an online store with all the necessary contact information. A buyer visits the online store but he became skeptical after viewing the products. He contacts with a live agent and clears his doubt on the spot. Thereafter, he places an order without any problem. Later he sends feedback on that site and on their social media platforms.

In the opposite scenario, an online store only with a phone number. A buyer visits the store and has queries regarding products. He calls on the given number but no one responds. There is no other mode left through which the buyer can contact. After this, the buyer will never visit that site again. Neither will he recommend your sites to others. Not having proper contact information can drain your customers and sales as well.

What Can Be The Consequences?

1. Loss in sales:

If you’re not reachable to the customers then they won’t rely on your site. Customers could have lots of queries or complaints related to products or services. It is your responsibility to solve their problems. If the customers can’t reach you they will not return to your site ever again. It will directly harm your sales growth.

2. Loss of customers:

Customers do not stick to websites with insufficient contact details. How will you solve their queries or complaints if they can’t contact you? Sometimes customers just exit such websites just after looking it. If a website isn’t ready to hear the customers then they won’t stay here for longer.

3. No feedbacks:

If you do not have proper contact details then you won’t get any feedback. Customer feedback whether positive or negative plays an important role in the business. Negative feedbacks helps you know where your products need improvements. Positive feedbacks advertise your product and bring new customers to your website.

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4. Losing partners:

Not having proper contact information can make your partners leave as well. You’ll end up facing disputes with your partners and manufacturers. Manufacturers never like to business with websites in a loss. If you don’t have a strong customer base then no one will stand by your side.

Contact details may not look like a big deal but it is an important aspect for your e-commerce business. We hope this post was informative to you.

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