Paid advertisements have become an inseparable part of every e-commerce store. On a daily basis, we view loads of advertisements through tv, social media, newspaper, radio, etc. These clutter of advertisements have become monotonous to the customers. It doesn’t have that grasp over the customers like before. It’s now easy for customers to identify the paid ads and avoid them. User-generated content is now gradually replacing the paid advertisements in the market.

Yes, you read it right! User-generated content is a kind of content generated by customers or users. It is dominating the customers mind more than ads. Such content gives the customer an expression of assurance on the product. People tend to believe in the product which showcases user-generated content. If so many people are liking a particular product, then it’s worth a try, isn’t it? There are various types of user-generated content that can be used by your company. Here are some types of UGC enlisted below:

Product Reviews:

The customer shares his/her experience of a product’s quality or other features. A good product review can get you more customers and conversion rates.


This kind of UGC is generally an impartial opinion about a company or its product.

Social Media Content:

Any images, videos or posts made in social media about a company or product is also a UGC. Nowadays many companies and brands make customers participate in contests to create UGC. Customers share their image or video posts with unique hashtags related to a brand or product.

Customer feedback:

Customer positive feedbacks can also be used as user-generated content. Many e-commerce sites even use customer feedbacks in their ads.

These were some types of user-generated content that are used nowadays.

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Let’s discuss some benefits of these user-generated content:

1. Brand awareness:

Sharing user-generated content is one of the convenient ways to create brand awareness. Many brands use such content with unique hashtags to promote their new product. Companies encourage customers to take part in contests before it limits to some influencers. Contests with some rewards influence more customers to share their images and videos in there feed. It will easily help you to promote your new product and create brand awareness among the customers.

2. Social proof:

We don’t believe something until we get any proof, it’s human nature. People don’t fall for ads anymore. They want proof that your product is worth buying. Customers buy products with good reviews and feedbacks. These user-generated content influences other users to make a purchase. For such results, you need to flaunt this content in various places. Make a page completely dedicated to your campaign. Your visitors can directly share their pictures on that page. You can also add this content to your product pages, social media pages, websites, etc.

3. Connects with Customers:

User-generated content is one of the best ways to connect with your customers. Customers believe in such contents and also like to be a part of such activities. You can share any idea or value that connects you with your customers. People connect with brands or products that share similar ideas and values. It will help you get a strong base of loyal customers.

4. Cost efficient UGC Ads:

It’s a cost-effective market plan to promote your product. Using UGC cost you less than paid ads and engage more customers. Many websites are sharing these contents only on their websites, product pages, social media pages, etc. Now it’s time to use this content to promote your product. You can create Facebook or Instagram ads with UGC. You can integrate pictures of happy customers and their reviews. If you have UGC from influencers, then bingo!

These were some advantages of UGC for your e-commerce site. We hope the post was informative to you.

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