When you run an e-commerce store it is a nail-biting experience. You have to put in a lot of hard work and effort to get things right. The harder part is to bring traffic to your store. As Google keeps changing its search algorithm it is a difficult task to reach the top search engine results rankings.

Be that as it may, content marketing is a do or die proposition for e-commerce stores. Content marketing strikes it rich where other forms of marketing take a backstep. In this article, you will learn about various important SEO tactics for your e-commerce content marketing. Before knowing the tactics you should know its key elements.

Key Elements of an e-commerce content marketing strategy

  • Promotional Blogs

The regular paid blogs are likely to get user engagement and awareness rather than private sharing.

  • Listicles(Listed Articles)

You can make listicles from multiple angles and perspectives and then include products for maximum user attention.

  • Guest Blogs

Guest blogs maximize brand presence. If you submit original and branded content to any known blog submission websites with the help of influencers, it contributes to user engagement.

  • Presentations and Videos

You can add your own video creations about the products and services of your brand on video platforms. Therefore, this will in return contribute towards your brand awareness.

Targets – Buyers or Visitors?

You need to ask yourself a question whether you want a number of visitors on your site or a number of buyers. The obvious answer is buyers, therefore you should target the buyers rather than visitors. If your traffic is good, your aim should be to increase buying.

E-Commerce Content Marketing

Here are some important SEO Tactics for your e-commerce content marketing:


SEO keywords can be a particular word or a sentence that is generally used in a copy of the website to get the attention of organic search traffic. The trick involves including keywords that the audience will actually search for. Therefore, doing a thorough keyword analysis will help keywords that your target audience might be using.


Important SEO Tactics for Your E-Commerce Content Marketing

No search engines are big on plagiarism. Therefore, keep your content original, short and relevant so as to get higher search engine ranking. So, make sure you get a plagiarism check of your content.


Important SEO Tactics for Your E-Commerce Content Marketing

Your content can be great and original but it will bring down the readability if there are too many technical jargons. Users read the content which is readable and easy to understand. Higher the time spend on the website, higher is the search engine ranking. So if the content is jargon-free the customer will spend more time on it.


Though the primary objective of every e-commerce article is to sell, there are times when the brand falls into the pitfall of exploiting it for maximum selling. It is a crime in content marketing and can be reported as spam by Google itself which will affect page ranking and customers might not read your content.


Google had decided websites with high-end encryption like EV SSL Certificate will be given top priority in search results. This is to ensure a safe and secure online ecosystem where users and web browsers can interact without any security issue.

Therefore, the higher the security of a website better will be its page ranking and conversion rates. If you are a new e-commerce store with Content Marketing as a tool, it will seem to be a giant maze to unravel.

These SEO tactics will hopefully give an effective plan to approach and capitalize on the benefits of content marketing.


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