If you think video marketing is an emerging trend, you are wrong. It is no more an emerging trend, it is here to stay and used almost everywhere. Video is an important part of every e-commerce brand’s marketing strategy and for a good reason. Research says 73% of customers purchase a product after seeing its explainer video. And, 71% of customers agree the video content gives them a good impression of the brand. So, let us talk about the top 5 reasons why product videos for e-commerce are important:

Top 5 Reasons Why Product Videos for E-Commerce Are Important:

Now, let us discuss what is the importance of product videos in e-commerce.

SEO Positioning Improves

If you are in a good position in the results of searches through their teams it will mean your e-commerce or online store gets more visits than usual. This will also increase the possibility of increasing sales. In addition, each online video platform allows you to follow different SEO practices with which you can win visits and conversions more quickly and effectively.

It Gives The Customer A Better Sense Of Understanding a Product

The biggest drawback of purchasing an online product is the customer cannot touch or feel it. This creates a kind of uncertainty in the mind of the customer. It is your duty as an e-commerce seller to mitigate that uncertainty. This is how you will win more sales.
With the help of product videos, you can accurately and comprehensively show the details of the product. Though the customers cannot still touch the products it gives the customer a better idea of the product. The video gives the purchaser better clarity rather than the pictures.

Building Trust In Your Brand

Product Video also helps build trust in your brand as a whole. One good quality video will suggest you are a legitimate brand and well established one. It reflects the intentions of a seller. The high-quality videos speak much about your brand legitimacy.

The videos will always say about how you provide top-notch customer experiences. User-generated video content shows that you listen to, value, and act upon customer feedback.

Product Positioning in Customer’s Lifestyles

You can boost your sales by positioning your products in customer’s lifestyles. The video will give you the power to change a product from just something to buy into an actual part of the customer’s life. For example, you can show someone about the various ways a boot can be worn. Why show them the price tag when you can do it subtly by showing the different ways the boot can be worn!

Hold Customer Attention on Social Media

Videos have practically changed the meaning of marketing for the e-commerce industry. They are a lot more common on social media in the last few years. Video has opened the floodgates and expanded what social media advertising means for e-commerce brands. The video draws customers in and owns a larger piece of their time and attention.  This is something that’s become increasingly difficult as social media platforms refocus on content from friends and family over brands.

These are some of the reasons why product videos for e-commerce are important. I hope this was helpful to you.

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