The uses of hashtags are quite trendy among the present viral generation. It is an #awesome way to involve more people on any current topic. These tags have the capability to make anything go viral. It has become a common practice of people in their posts, comments, reviews, etc. Twitter introduced the use of hashtags to the world in 2007. Thereafter, the use of hashtags infected Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and many more.

Today you can find any hot or trendy topics by using hashtags before your search word. In e-commerce platforms, an online presence is a matter of concern. Using hashtags can help you get recognition in the vast space of social media.

The best thing is, it doesn’t cost you anything, #cost-effective. Your hashtags just need to be #creative, #small, #unique and #catchy. If the huge crowd base of these social media is using your #tag than you can ultimately reach your conversion goals. It will also drive more traffic to your website or store. As an e-commerce platform, there are various ways to leverage hashtags. We will discuss some of them in this article. #Let’sbegin…

#Importance of Using Hashtags

So today we will discuss some of the uses of hashtags in e-commerce to enhance your customer base.

#1. Product Promotion

The use of hashtags can help you create a buzz for your new product in the market. It will spread awareness about the product among the target audience with a creative hashtag.  You can interact with your target audience using these tags. Ask them to use your hashtag in their comments or posts related to the product or related posts. It will help you promote your product and interact with your potential customers. You can also use the tags during your product launch events or shows for more effectiveness.

#2. Brand Awareness

Branded hashtags can help you create awareness about your brand and company. Using hashtags for your brand shows your audience who you are. These tags can make your company popular and encourage conversation about your brand. You can use such tags in various events, launches or shows related to your company. Many companies have their own branded hashtags like Apple uses tags for its phones #iphonex, and Adidas had a popular tag #ORIGINALis.

#3. Marketing Campaigns

You can also make use of hashtags to run different marketing campaigns for your product. There seasonal sales, special offers, contests and giveaways activities where hashtags can be used. For example, #weddingcollection for bridal or groom attires, #summersales for your summer collection or #sharetowin for some contests.

#4. Customer Engagement

It is one of the effective ways of customer engagement. You can ask your customers to use your #tags to share reviews of their experience or can share any posts with hashtags for giveaways. It will keep you in trendy conversations and also encourage others to share more about you.

You can also feature the top 5 posts of your customers. It will make them happy and others will start showing interest in your product as well. For example, the #sharetowin tag can be used for engaging your customers.

#5. Tracking Conversations & Trends

With the help of hashtags, you can monitor what your audience is talking about you. Sometimes it gives you some valuable insights on your target audience. You can now measure the visibility of both your company and product. If you’re not doing well then you can plan your strategy accordingly. You can also see what your customers are interested in or what your competitors are doing. You’ll know where do you need to put your effort.

So these were some use of hashtags that can increase your visibility and conversions in the market. We hope this article was interesting and informative to you.

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