Today, e-commerce businesses are rising because of its efficiency, convenience, overcoming geographical limitations, competence, and many more points. However, these online stores are failing in one of the major aspects of personalization. Personalization is an essential strand for converting visitors into customers. It is one of the potentials of offline stores that e-stores need as well.

What is e-commerce Personalization?

E-commerce personalization refers to provide a customized buying experience for each website visitor. It triggers the emotional quotient of the customer while making a strong bond with them.

For example, just imagine yourself in a restaurant with great ambiance. After entering the restaurant the background music changes to your fav song. Thereafter, you’re served with your fav food without even ordering. This is the feel of personalization. You’ll definitely return back to this restaurant.

Now imagine yourself in an opposite scenario. You’re listening to some weird music and served with the least liked food. How does it feel now? The same is the case with many e-commerce websites.

E-commerce personalization is a tough and time-consuming task, however not impossible. The websites can collect data of their user behaviors, needs, likes, searching attitudes and many more. It will help you to provide personalizing experience to each customer.

But what’s the benefit of implementing personalization? Let’s see…

Benefits of E-commerce Personalization

So, here we’ll learn about different benefits and importance of personalization in e-commerce.

1. Increase in Conversion Rate

Conversion through personalization

Personalization helps you to target the right products to the right customers. Subsequently, it will increase conversionĀ rates. It is all about offering the right product to the right customers. Personalizing can help you approach your customer in a manner they like it. According to their choice and behavior, you’ll present a product that will definitely grab their mind and result in a successful transaction.

2. Doubles the Average Order Value and Size

increase in order size and value

When you provide your customers with specific information related to their product search, there is a higher chance of buying. You can also use upselling and cross-selling techniques to sell expensive or more products. A user searching for mobile will also need accessories like mobile covers, earphones, etc. Using such strategic points with personalization can help you get more average order value an size.

3. Precise Recommendation

recommendation, personalization

It is one of the important benefits of e-commerce personalization. You can recommend precise products on the basis of the collected data. Visitor’s behavior, searching, likes can help to provide more precision for customer preference. Such recommendations sometimes give an exact for the product which the visitor is looking for. It results in sales and also adds you to the good book of your customer.

4. Increase Interaction

customer interaction

Personalization helps you to understand your customers in a better way. If they have such feelings then they will spend more time with your website. So, personalization is directly proportional to the increase in customer engagement. According to surveys, more than half of the customers prefer websites that remember their choices and information.

5. Loyal Customers

Loyal customers

It plays a big role in customer retention and increasing loyal customer for a website. Personalization makes them feel valued and special by websites. If you consider their choices, needs, and go out of the box to provide what they want, they’ll grant you their loyalty. Loyal customers are likely to make most of their purchases from your site. They will also refer and advocate your brand to their near and dear ones.

So, these were some importance of e-commerce personalization. We hope the article was informative to you.

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