E-commerce 404 error page is capable of being much more than just beautiful or funny. As a matter of fact, they can be a flexible instrument and not just a notification that your visitors came to a page that doesn’t exist. To your surprise, this instrument can either turn into a lead or a subscriber generator!

Each visitor is a potential win and will cost you money, so you don’t want to lose any of them. It’s okay to lessen the irritation for a nonexistent page with some cute design or a funny GIF. But what you really want is to transform this visitor into a customer. Here are a few important tips to optimize the E-commerce 404 error page.

Tips To Optimize E-commerce 404 Error Page

When you have more backlinks and traffic the more products you have on your website. This will lead to the more common 404 pages. Find the URLs that give a 404 page and fix them. Apart from that, you should investigate how much traffic and who exactly is landing on them in the first place.

Now let us discuss some tips that will help you optimize your e-commerce 404 error page so that it will turn to transform a visitor into a potential lead or customer:

Providing Coupon Codes


When someone clicks on your website from a referral link or a Google search, they expect to land on a specific post. But what happens when that page isn’t available? Seeing a 404 page can disappoint people and they often bounce. When they get an unexpected coupon code that might have a soothing effect. It gives them another reason to stay on your website. Coupon code can be pretty influential when it comes to making a purchase.

Search Box

E-commerce 404 Error Pages

When a visitor clicks a link they likely wanted to see something on your website, be it a product page or something else. If you place a search box on a 404 page it will give your visitor a chance to search for what he or she needs. This is a very important element.

Also, keep in mind that your 404 error page must contain a usual navigation header and a search box in it (like Etsy’s 404 error page above). If you omit it on a page like this, it will be a total dead end for your potential customer.

Navigating To the Main Page

E-commerce 404 Error Pages

E-commerce 404 Error Pages

There are two ways you can do this. The first one is to provide a link to the main page and the second one is to redirect the visitor to the main page automatically in some time. While doing the latter, make sure that your visitor understands what is happening. Give him/her time to comprehend what’s happening. In the above example, see how Netflix explains the redirect. If you just show the main page without any explanation it might confuse the visitor.

Email Subscription Form

You can suggest your visitor for subscribing to your newsletter so that it hooks them up. You should give the visitor a good reason to subscribe. It follows the same rule as the subscription box of your website. No one subscribes to your website just because you asked them for it.

Highlighting Contacts

When you think that a customer most needs your advice, you have to mention the ways they can contact you from the 404 error page. It is advisable to use the most popular and easy ways of contacting you. Some people prefer real-time chats while some prefer contact form. Do your research and double check that everything is working correctly! Nothing is more awful than a broken contact form.


In the picture above, the website has placed a widget on its 404 error page. It suggests random products that you can like or dislike. If you dislike a product, another one will be shown. And if you like it, you will be taken to its page. A bit of fun is always good, but you should not forget that you still have to direct your visitor to your products and services.

Highlight Social Media Accounts

Give links of your social media handle or add a widget that will show the latest posts from your social media. In the above picture, you can see a clickable gallery of Langly’s Instagram profile. Make sure that the accounts you’re using in your widgets are up. It should be running and that the latest posts or images should capture the attention of your visitors.

These were a few tips that might help you optimize your e-commerce error page. We hope you found it useful.

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