With over 800 million active users Instagram is a perfect marketing tool for the e-commerce industry. The platform has witnessed immense growth in recent years. But it is not difficult to increase your followers and reach your target market organically. It’s also one of the few social network platforms that is yet to be saturated with too many marketers. For promotion, there are various ways of Instagram marketing of e-commerce.

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Below is a list of actionable tips for Instagram marketing of e-commerce. It will help you gain followers and spread your online brand using Instagram. Let us discuss them.

Brand Image

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The images on Instagram should be impeccable as should the feed as it is all about aestheticism. It is important to take time to plan out what your feed strategy will be. You can then publish photos accordingly.

For example, many companies alternate images from a product shot to a lifestyle shot. They might pick one filter that they use across the board. It is essential to stick to your artistic vision. The Instagram feed will tell a compelling story and convey the lifestyle of your target customer.

Rule of Thirds

It is important to follow the rule of thirds so that they convey a neutral message to your followers without being overly promotional. It is important to pay attention to promotional posts, conversational posts and sharing posts. Many e-commerce retailers tell there are two most effective hacks to grow their following and build awareness.

They were to cross-collaborate with influencers in a similar space, and load up on giveaways. Finding the right balance is the key to increasing your engagement and your following.

Shoppable Content

Instagram Marketing Of E-Commerce

Tagging products is important as it will allow a customer to have a clear call-to-action. Here the purchase process is simplified for him/her. Instagram now allows business accounts in selected countries to tag products in their post, just like you can tag people.

These content can increase the time spent on your page, productivity, unpaid traffic, retention rate, shares and obviously sales. Only with a few clicks, your buyers can now mend the gap between browsing and buying.


Instagram Marketing Of E-Commerce

Hashtags carry are of great importance to Instagram. It allows your content to appear in search results and attract new customers. Advance research in advance will save you some time on a daily basis.

Periodically go through and update your hashtag list since trending hashtags can change quickly. Be sure not to overuse hashtags and only use relevant ones. Always keep the user experience top of mind.

Instagram Analytics

Instagram Marketing Of E-Commerce

Reviewing your Instagram analytics will give you useful information that you can use to increase engagement. You can see when your followers are on Instagram under the Audience tab, down to each hour. Then plan your future posts at peak times to get the most mileage out of your posts.

You will get an insight of what your audience’s preference by scrutinizing which photos get the most likes. Also, you can use this information to post more of what they want and increase engagement that way.

These were a few tips for Instagram Marketing of E-commerce. We hope you found it useful.

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