It’s not clear how many people actually abandon their shopping cart. The exact abandonment rate differs from one industry to another. Implementing good practices of Shopping Cart Page Optimization to diminish the abandonment rate is an absolute priority for any e-commerce website. It will increase conversions and revenues. Let us discuss some best practices for the shopping cart page optimization.

Important Tips for Shopping Cart Related image Page Optimization

Let us start with the basics of the shopping cart. Your shopping cart should be clear, simple and fast (CSF). This simple 3-step formula is the cornerstone of any successful cart page. Now let us dive into our important tips:

Product Summary

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The cart page is where your visitors land just moments before your visitors proceed to checkout. The page has one sole mission: lead your visitors to actually pay. Many e-commerce buyers use this page for reviewing their orders.

In order to help them do so, your mission is to clearly display all the relevant information regarding the product, Always include images, exact names, specifications, quantity, size, and color. These elements will help your customers quickly review their orders. It will decrease the percentage of people abandoning their cart because of unclear information.

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There have been loads of studies about the psychology behind the use of colors. To be fair, there’s no single answer nor color that will fit all websites and solve all abandonment rate problems: each industry more or less uses one color code for its checkout button.

What’s for sure though is that visitors love harmony and clear designs when it comes to UX. When building your cart page, bear in mind that it should fit the overall color theme and that it should be reassuring.

Thumbnail Images

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A tiny ridiculous thumbnail will annoy the customers very much. It is because they can barely help identify a product. Give them the opportunity to see it properly in a convenient size and resolution. It will help customers review their products. Additionally, displaying a decent-sized image also helps mobile users have a better mobile experience.

Payment Options

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Having different payment options is a necessity in today’s ultra-competitive e-commerce environment. Not only will this help you gain more conversions but it will also reassure visitors that are used to a particular payment solution. In fact, it’s so important that Control estimates that 50% of regular shoppers would cancel their purchase if their favorite payment method wasn’t available.

Phone, Chat or Email assistance

Your visitors want to feel that they are actual humans behind your website. This is called customer service. Even if it’s a rather new option for e-marketers, offering a live chat or phone assistance service right on the cart page is a great option to increase conversions, gain customers’ trust and leverage your brand identity.

After all, we’re all running after brand recognition, aren’t we? When it comes to choosing between live chat and phone assistance, keep in mind that millennials actually prefer live chat.

These were a few tips for shopping cart page optimization. We hope it was useful for you.

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