Customer engagement encompasses all the activities a customer performs that leads him/her to interact with a brand. An engaged customer is a happy customer. And a happy customer is one that converts and develops loyalty. There are various ways to increase customer engagement of e-commerce websites so let us discuss some tips to increase customer engagement of your e-commerce site:

Tips To Increase Customer Engagement Of Your E-Commerce Website:

Let us now discuss the ways to increase customer engagement of your e-commerce site.

Promotion in Social E-Commerce

The Importance Of Social Media


Many customers today expect companies to engage in social media. Adding elements of popular social media platforms on your website can boost customer engagement on your website. Social media is all about connecting and sharing. Pick up elements of this consumer behavior and add it to your e-commerce website. The more engaged you are, the more engaged your customers will be.

Well Curated Blog Set Up

A blog can be a refreshing addition on your e-commerce website that is otherwise full of product descriptions and images designed to hard sell. A well-curated blog will bring your audience along for the ride as you provide a steady stream of engaging content. It doesn’t matter what type of eCommerce business you are operating, blogging should be a core element of your strategy. Though e-commerce blogs are not the elixir of success a neglected one will have a negative impact on customer engagement.

Increase Image Loading Speed

Tips To Increase Customer Engagement Of Your E-Commerce Website

A slow loading landing page is a major turnoff for the site visitors. It will result in a higher bounce rate for your site. Visitors will simply stop engaging if the images load slowly or not at all. Mobile browser users are even less patient in waiting for your site to load. Speed up your servers, optimize your images and make sure everything is mobile friendly to create better engagement.

Make Easy Navigation

The people who visit your site will look for your navigation menu to familiarize themselves with the layout of your site. Make it easy for site visitors to locate your menu by placing it in a common location, such as across the top of the screen just under the header. Also, don’t hide it in a small box or down the page.

Holding Contests For Your Customers

Tips To Increase Customer Engagement Of Your E-Commerce Website

When you hold contests, it serves as an effective and fun way to drive traffic to your site and reward loyal customers. A contest can involve collecting emails as entries for a prize. Also, involve having others provide content on social media or their own websites and link back to your contest page. This can be helpful in driving traffic, particularly if you organize it in a way that you reach your target audience.

These were some useful tips to increase customer engagement of your e-commerce site. We hope you will implement them to gather maximum customer engagement in your e-commerce site.

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