The eCommerce site search function is not as significant as product or landing pages but is a contributing factor to a growing e-store. Such small factors are responsible for eliminating various big problems like losing sales or potential customers. It’s factual that people with an urge to make purchases tend to use the search functions more than other visitors. Here if you fail to deliver a successful result to these customers than maybe you can lose them forever. So, it’s important to prioritize the improvement of your site search experience.

If you provide a good site search experience than hurrah! You successfully earned a happy customer and happy people always return to their happy places. However, visitors don’t always search according to you or your computer settings. Human search queries are inclined to spell errors, unmatched searches that are not present in your product catalog, etc. Therefore, your search function should be effective enough to interpret your customer’s search. Today, we’ll discuss some tips to improvise your search functionality.

Tips to Improve Site-Search Function

Here we’ll know, how you can make your shoppers happy with your customizable and effective search function.

Your “Search Bar”

Search bar

First, we need to focus on your search bar. Look whether your search bar is easily recognized at first glance or not. If not then it’s obvious that your search bar is a victim of ignorance. Visual aspects play an important role in human perception, especially when it’s online. Your search bar color is important to make it distinct and noticeable for the customers. Also, you can add text like “search products” “categories” “brands” or “keywords” inside the bar. It will clearly visible to your visitors who tend to make searches.

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Filterable Pages with Options

search experience

The search function of an eCommerce website makes your customer leave or to move further. If your search function provides customizable experience to your customer than they’ll happily move further. Your search function should understand what your customer is looking for. There are various ways to make search function customizable for users. For example: if you searched “black” than you’ll get a list of products on your page. Then you can sort or filter the products based on their category/price/size or other features. All these options will provide a customized experience to your visitor.

Long Tail Searches

long tail searches


Many search functions do not support long-tail semantic searches on their websites. Such searches end up showing null results to the customers. However, the long-tail searches are quite helpful in getting accurate results on any website. For example, if a customer searches “blue long dresses for office parties size S” will give more accurate results than just searching “dresses”. It reduces the customer’s time from searching between tons of choices. So, if your search function is unable to handle such long-tail searches than fix it fast.

Adding Autocomplete Function

autocomplete, search experience

Humans do not have memories like machines do and here autocomplete helps the visitors with their searches.  Also, with its smart searches, it saves the search time of the shoppers. Autocomplete facilitates the search process for all customers. The customer can just type one or two words and the later suggestions will keep appearing on the screen. For example, if your type ‘yoga’ then further suggestions will appear like ‘yoga pants for men’ or ‘yoga mats’, etc.

So, these were some ideas to make your on-site search function convenient for users and increase your conversion rate. We’hope the article was helpful to you.

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