Every eCommerce business implements a lot of tactics and marketing strategies to attract customers and increase their sales. Offering discounts, coupons, giveaways, sales offer have become a recurrent method for each and every online store. It’s true that it attracts attention and crowd to your store but does not hold it for long. All those customers become loyal to your offers instead of your store. Eventually, these tactics fail to convert seasonal buyers and lead to financial tension without any consistent return on investment.

Using such deals are effective for attracting customers but not for retaining their loyalty. Besides, every eCommerce business should always think of a long term profit. Investing half of your earnings and not even converting half of the seasonal buyer is not a fair deal. Don’t you think? So, if you want to make up for your investments, you need to convert your seasonal buyer into loyal ones, but how?

All these customers came to your store due to some price drops or because of other offers. However, you can’t keep offering discounts and sales all the time. So, how can we interest them to buy your products again and again? You don’t think or you’ll end up giving another discount or offer. Jokes apart, we’ll help you to convert your one-time buyer into a repeat buyer. Let’s begin:

Tips to Convert Seasonal Buyers convert seasonal buyers into Loyal Customers

Here we’ll discuss the facts that can help you interest your customers in your product and make them a loyal customer.

1. Interesting and educating content

Educating content to convert seasonal buyers

First-time buyers never focus on your brand or your company. They just make their purchase and leave your site without knowing your brand value. With your welcome emails, you can educate these customers about your company’s and brand story. To connect with your customers in a  better way, you can share your sourcing, manufacturing, and many other interesting facts about your products with them.

Moreover, you can create content that will help your customers with your products they bought. Such information will help your customers and will also make a place in their minds. You can also add alternative ways to use your products. For example, if your buyer bought a saree from you, you can share a video of different styles for wearing it. If it helps them, they’ll definitely get back to you for more purchases.

2. Sharing Customer Experience

Sharing customer experience

Even in an online era, people do not have complete faith in online stores and eCommerce marketplaces. It’s important to build trust within customers to make them loyal to your brand or company. Here sharing customer experiences with other customers can help you to gain that trust factor.

Highlighting your customer’s positive experiences and reviews will make a positive image of your company. It’ll remarket your product with the help of these customer-generated stories and feedbacks. Such promotions create a positive impact on customers and prioritize your brand on their list.

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3. Sending “Thank You” Note

Thank you note, convert seasonal buyers

Making your customers feel special is one of the best ways to lure them back to your stores. After making a purchase, the seasonal buyer forgets you. Don’t let that happen. Here you have to play your “thank you” card to make them feel that you remember them. Make them feel that you’re grateful that they made a purchase from your store. This humble gesture will leave a remark on your one-time buyer mind forever. They will surely choose you for their next purchase.

4. Providing Better Services

providing better services

It’s is one of the essential factors for any customer to prefer any store. Your store must provide good customer services, return or exchange policies, better delivery services, etc. If you jeopardize your customer’s first-time buyer experience than you’re dead meat. There is no chance that the customer will ever return to your store again. Moreover, you’ll also become a victim of bad-mouthing. So, it’s better to avoid such situations.

Even if your customer faces any problem, try to contact and resolve the problem as soon as possible. Good customer service will also count in the good book of your customer. So, try to make a good first impression before your seasonal buyer.

5. Loyalty Programs and Other Offers

loyalty programs, convert seasonal buyers

Yeah, I know, I mentioned that discounts and offers bring financial tension. But here we are talking about making offers that will help in converting your seasonal buyers. According to research, loyalty programs are one of the effective ways to make customers stick to a brand. For example, you can offer your customers a coupon or some free item after making 5 purchases. Also, offers like a discount or additional item on purchase above a particular amount. Such enticing offers convert a seasonal buyer to a loyal buyer at your store.

You cannot always count on only discounts and offers for getting customers. As an eCommerce seller, you need to gain interest, engage your audience and keep maintaining their faith in your products and store. So, you can implement all the above-mentioned tips if you want to convert your seasonal buyers.

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