You all must be thinking, why are we here to discuss Pinterest? It’s an old social media platform. It doesn’t even have many users or popularity as Facebook or Instagram holds. If you’re thinking, Pinterest marketing as an old and a lost case then your assumption is wrong. Now the scenario has changed and it has over millions of active monthly users on its platform. This social media platform provides second-largest traffic to various online stores.

Besides, Pinterest has always been the favorite platform for many women to browse the latest fashion, lifestyle, trends, etc. As we all know ‘women like shopping more than men do’. Also, shoppers from Pinterest are more likely to buy in comparison to other social media platforms. Research says that around 93% of users use this platform to make their shopping list.

With the growing competition in eCommerce, Pinterest has also evolved its features and options. It has now become a great platform for online businesses to unlock profits. Pinterest marketing can help you get a boost in your traffic as well as sales. Hold on, we’ll discuss more of its benefits later in this post. First, let’s know what Pinterest marketing exactly is and how it’s different from other platforms.

What’s pinterest marketingPinterest Marketing?

Pinterest is an image-based social media platform. However, most of its images are from various websites other than mobile images. Here the marketers can easily add the images of the product to the platform. The users who like the product can easily share or repin the product he/she wants to buy.

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Pinterest marketing streamlines the shopping experience of the customer. A user can easily visit the platform and search for the product he/she is looking for. They can get a lot of product options from various sites to select. Once the user finds the product, they can pin it to a particular board or can immediately move to the seller’s product page for purchase.

Moreover, it also allows the customer to compare a product from various sites and then buy it.  They do not have to move stores to store to get the best product, isn’t it amazing? No other social media platform offers such features.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s get started with Pinterest:

Tips to use Pinterest in E-commerce

First of all, we need to create a Pinterest business account. So let’s begin with it.

1. Pinterest Business Account

Creating a business account on Pinterest provides you access to analytics and advertisements. With analytics, you can track the most viewed boards or most engaging pins. Also, you can create your own ads to make your pin more visible to other people. This isn’t over yet, you need to do some more work.

Pinterest profiles

You have to add a bio, a logo image and your website link to your profile. Also, it’s better to make a few boards that would match the customer search. It will help your users to easily find the products they want. Prepare your boards based on general interests like fitness, decor, trends, festival, etc. Also, you can follow some specific pinners of your interest.

2. Use of Pins on Product Pages

Adding pins to your product pages will help your products get more views. When your customers are on your product pages, offer them to follow you on Pinterest. They can now easily pin the products they like to their board. Also, if they liked your product they can now share it with their network and will cross-promote your products. You can also add Pin buttons to all product pages automatically with WordPress widgets.

Pins on product page, pinterest marketing

3. Adding Shoppable Pins

Pinterest is making its platform more user-friendly with the introduction of amazing pins like “Shop the Look Pins”. The boards or pins of decors or any fashion trends images appear with white dots on the items that are buyable. With these pins, a user can also choose a single item with a resizable overlay on the image. It will show many similar products like the selected one from different sites.

shop the look pin

Now you’ll be thinking, how is this pin user-friendly, right? The answer to this is, you do not have to leave the website for making any purchase. The Shop the Look pins enable the user to buy the products directly from the Pinterest page.

4. Alternative Content Form

We all know a picture speaks a thousand words then why do we need any other alternative content? To stand out in the competition, get more conversion and educate our customers with more information. The more your customer knows you the more you become their preference.

alternative content, pinterest marketing

You can share product images, videos, blogs and also BTS images or videos with your followers. It will make your account more appealing and engaging for your followers. Moreover, you can add DIY or hack videos about your products. It’ll give them different ideas to use your products.

 5. Complementary Pins

complementary pins

The only focus of your Pinterest boards should not be on your sales factor. You should also add some complementary pins for your customers. Apart from your products, your Pinterest boards should also contain some topics that match your customer choices. If it matches with your customer, they’re more likely to buy your products. You can add decor, lifestyle trends, travels, recipes and many other topics.

So, these were some tips for you to increase your brand awareness and sales with Pinterest marketing. We hope the post was informative to you.

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