5 Content Writing Tips for SEO

CONTENT – It’s truly said a pen is mightier than a sword. Be it blog posts or article submission, content is an integral part of an effective SEO. The quality of content written will help in increasing the website traffic. So here are some ways of writing website content:

1)Search for suitable keywords-The most crucial part is to find out the suitable keywords for the business. This depends on your search, you could analyze either through google to find suitable keywords. The content of the website should relate to and revolve around the keyword/ keywords you select.

2)Solve the audience’s problem-Remember to increase the traffic, content is needed and the content should be strong and informative to attract the audience. This could only happen if you understand the market. To be creative and to write good content one needs to understand and analyze the market and the problem faced by the target audience. Always try to create an impact and be a problem-solver.                                

3)Organize the content and stick to the topic-The content should be well organized so it becomes easier to understand for the user.

4)Include facts and figures-Always try to include facts and figures which are statistically correct which would generate interest among the audience. It would look like the content is more practical and the points generated are valid with the correct facts and figures.

5)Use relevant images -When the content is ready, the next step is to beautify the website, using relevant images. Try to summarize the content using images. It should be like if the user enters the website they enjoy being there and can relate the content with the images.

Why SEO is of utmost importance for Ecommerce?

Today the country has moved to a digitalized era where e-commerce business is taking a hike like never before. The website is the most important part of your e-commerce business as that’s the key to enhance the business. A website is the face of e-commerce business which needs to be taken care of. In this case, a good and informative website can be a game changer. SEO is something which we hear very often, but most of the time understanding the meaning and importance of this three letter word becomes difficult. So, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s a way to increase traffic by sending continuous signals to the search engines that the content in your website is worth showing in Google’s index.

When an  e-commerce business is started, there are certain  things which comes to our mind regarding the website like how to increase traffic on a website, how informative it should be, how to expand the business etc. So here are the reasons why SEO is need of the hour for a successful e-commerce business:

  1. Organic research-Its a way to bring in the website traffic.The quality of keywords which are used to get website suggestions will lead to more and more traffic or user attention. Proper SEO methodologies and highly specific website content and keywords can easily create a brand in google
  2. Trust and CredibilityThe aim of any SEO plan is to create a strong foundation for an informative website with a smoothing user experience that is easily created in search with thanks to the trust and credibility of the brand. Once the website is done with this creating a customer base and retaining them would become easier.
  3. SEO impacts the buying cycle-Customers are smart enough to research everything when it comes to buying. Using SEO tools the website should be designed keeping in mind the needs of the customer. From listing of products to providing updated information with accurate products would be a key way of improving the buying cycle.
  4. Long Term Strategy-As the market grows, the best thing is to change accordingly and keeping us updated. Change is the law of nature. But even a site that hasn’t had any sign of SEO tools implemented will improve from basic SEO and will be in a decent position in the e-commerce market. And the more SEO time, effort and budget that is invested in it, the better and longer a website stands to being a good competitor in the market.

If You’re Not on Page 1, You’re Not Winning the Click – Remember nobody remembers the one who comes second. The e-commerce market is booming so you have to be on top to grow the business and to get profit.

Listing – the primary element of selling online

The major difference between a physical store and an online store is the way items are displayed. A physical store can just display the items in accordance with the variation. For example, the different sizes of the same colour of T-shirts can be displayed in 1 row starting from Small to XXL. The customer can touch, feel the fabric and even try the T-shirt to see if it fits properly and then only buy it. Whereas in Online selling, listing the product correctly is the only way of displaying the items. Whatever the seller displays on the page will be the parameters based on which the customer will decide whether to buy the product or not.

It should have all the details that the customer would try to find while shopping from a physical store- like size, colour, material, style, price etc. The list is even longer for electronic items and consumer durables.


KEYWORDS – Setting the right keywords for an item while listing is very important to reach out to the customers. This becomes all the more important while selling in online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc. As there are many other sellers selling a similar product. Selling an item with the right keywords makes it easier for the customer to search the product and it really helps a lot in product visibility. The items sold online are divided into different categories and subcategories so that all similar items fall into the same category and when a product is searched in an online store it shows all similar items with the same keyword for that particular category

For example- if the item to be sold is Laptop bag. “Clothing and accessories” is the broad category for Bag. Within the variety of bags comes Laptop bags, so the keyword can be “laptop-bags”.


TARGET AUDIENCE – Target audience is another very important part of listing. For example, the target audience for the laptop bag can be set as Unisex, which means if a customer searches for “men’s laptop bag” or “women’s laptop bag” in both the searches the item is visible

Improve Ecommerce Customer Shopping Experience

Ecommerce has evolved through the years and now it is giving a tough competition to the physical retails businesses. Selling online also has its own pros and cons, that is the reason we see not all online sellers succeed in their attempt to make money by selling online. It is very important to understand the fact that in online selling, it is far more difficult to built a relation with the customer and retain trust. The only mantra for customer retention in ecommerce is by giving the customer an excellent shopping experience. It does not mean that the seller should only focus on getting orders and delivering it. There are lot of issues which crop up in between this process those are unpredictable and needs to be handled in a very tricky way. It does not take long for a customer to draw an impression about a seller and this may lead to losing a customer.
Here are some key points that the seller should keep in mind for his customers to have a great shopping experience.


It is of utmost importance to list the items for sale in a precise manner, with no wrong/ false information in terms of photos or texts. The listing should have complete information about product, delivery timelines, return policy and any other important information that the customer should know before purchasing the product. It is a lot more easier to make sure there are no errors in listing rather than rectifying the same after a customer complains.

Customer Query Handling

There are a lot of questions a customer has in mind before concluding that a particular product is the one that should be bought. Though the details mentioned in the listing is meant to answer all those questions, sometime the customer may just miss reading it or might have a query which the listing does not answer. These queries need to answered in a way that the customer feels the seller values its customers and knows what he is selling.

After-sales Assistance

After-sales assistance is a crucial part where seller has the chance to mend things if anything has gone wrong. The customers usually raise complaints based on the product or shipping, but still we can retain the customer by offering the right solution at the right time