Tips To Increase Customer Engagement In E-Commerce

Customer engagement encompasses all the activities a customer performs that leads him/her to interact with a brand. An engaged customer is a happy customer. And a happy customer is one that converts and develops loyalty. There are various ways to increase customer engagement of e-commerce websites so let us discuss some tips to increase customer […]

Tips To Optimize E-commerce 404 Error Page

E-commerce 404 error page is capable of being much more than just beautiful or funny. As a matter of fact, they can be a flexible instrument and not just a notification that your visitors came to a page that doesn’t exist. To your surprise, this instrument can either turn into a lead or a subscriber […]

4 Important E-commerce Marketing Strategies

A successful marketing strategy requires a lot of effort and planning. Your e-commerce marketing strategies should be strong enough to persuade your viewers to make a purchase. It should help the website to rank higher in the search engines, and increase customer retention. E-commerce stores do not have any physical approach to entice customers to […]

Important Tips To Improve E-Commerce Site’s Performance

E-Commerce is a highly competitive market. Website performance and speed have a crucial role to play. You cannot go ahead of the competition just with appealing offers and product selections. User experience is an important parameter. It comprises of website friendliness, site reliability, performance, and speed. Website performance is a major factor because it has […]

Importance Of Using Hashtags In E-commerce

The uses of hashtags are quite trendy among the present viral generation. It is an #awesome way to involve more people on any current topic. These tags have the capability to make anything go viral. It has become a common practice of people in their posts, comments, reviews, etc. Twitter introduced the use of hashtags […]

5 Reasons Why Product Videos for E-Commerce Are Important

If you think video marketing is an emerging trend, you are wrong. It is no more an emerging trend, it is here to stay and used almost everywhere. Video is an important part of every e-commerce brand’s marketing strategy and for a good reason. Research says 73% of customers purchase a product after seeing its […]

9 Tips To Create Buzz For Your New Product

A successful product launch needs a strong and foolproof strategy. It’s not necessary that your new product will meet the revenue targets you have set. There are many potential competitors who can outperform you and your product. Your product needs to create a buzz within people before its launch. Even if your product is very […]

Tips To Attract Customers To Your E-Commerce Store

Due to evolving web trends, the way people shop has changed drastically. It has also changed the way the people compared things and then shopped. The demand for online shopping is increasing and so is the number of online e-commerce stores. People compare the products of different e-commerce sites so that they get the best […]

Importance Of Customer Interaction In E-Commerce

The number of customers who look forward to satiating their shopping hunger online is growing exponentially and so is the e-commerce businesses. Businesses develop numerous strategies to attract customers. One such strategy is customer interaction improvement which is considered crucial for any successful e-commerce website. If you wonder why, then here are some points which […]

Importance Of Contact Information In E-commerce

If you own an e-commerce store, you must be aware of the importance of “contact information”. Though it looks like a small deal it plays a vital role for your business. Contact information in e-commerce is not anymore restricted to phone numbers or e-mail IDs. Now you need to provide your customers with your website […]